Monday, August 13, 2012

A day that I will never forget!

8.00am - Replied  Hann Biin's facebook status.

8.05am- Time to bath and locked myself outside my room, with one towel and underwear, and my key was                
               inside my room.

8.30am- One of my housemate came out, asked him to help me contact the landlord, then he phoned my                                       landlord and told him my situation that I was stuck outside and he said landlord will only available at the       afternoon. He then rushed to work.

*I was like, I wanted to contact my colleagues, but my phone was inside my room, and I can't remember any of their contact numbers*

*Alright then, all I can do is to wait my landlord to come*

After several attempts try to break in or unlock my door. FAILED.

Started to feel thirsty, hungry and tired. Started to sit and lean on my door helplessly, and fell asleep.

Till I woke up again, I have no idea what is the time now, as there is no clock outside the living room, technically, there are living room and kitchen =.= Try to look at the direction of the sun, the heat, the shadow, and try to figure out what time is it now.

Meanwhile, one of the housemate just came back from outside, I tried to get his help, but he refused, I just managed to asked him what time is it now, it is already 12.30pm. After that he straight away packed some stuff and walked out without giving any help.

*Well hello? did I look like someone that will harm you or beg for money?* zzzzz

My landlord finally APPEARED, not sure what time was it, he was in a hurry, came in and try a few keys also can't unlock my door, then he said he will be back, and rush off, as he was working by that time.

My colleagues, started to contact my sister, to check on me, because normally if I take MC, late to work or whatever stuff, I also will text my senior, my colleagues were worrying that something bad might happened to me when I'm on my way to office.

My sister started to contact my friend, but no news about me, then contacted my parents.

and everybody started to worry about me, calling everyone to look for me, Dad even call Inspector to contact the KL branch to check whether any robbery case or anyone admitted to the hospital this morning.
Unfortunately, there are still no news about me.

They tried to contact the person who last contact with me, which were Kelvin, Biin and Pek.
My father even asked them, whether I am sad or facing any personal problems or not  =(
Because I am a good good boy, whenever, whatever, wherever I go, I sure will tell my parents, what I do, where I am heading. I will never lost contact with them, even my most personal problems I also will tell my mum, and that makes my parents even more worry me.

In addition, I did replied one of the facebook status, that makes them even more worry, that they traced my facebook, know that I already wake up this morning, but why I didn't go to work, all sorts of thing running inside their mind.

At this "critical" moment, my buddy from Malacca, walked to a temple nearby to pray for me, and then take bus from Malacca to KL, to check on me.

My Sunway Buddy Dick from Klang, drove all the way to Sunway to pick up my buddies to check on me.
Nobody know where I exactly stay, as I already shifted to my new hostel. The most blur one, Ann, thanks to her, she just came once, base on her blurry memory, try to recall back and look for my unit, as they told the guard, they suspect that I was fainted inside my room as I was sicked for several days. Then they gained the security access card to operate the lift.

Meanwhile, when I am going to doze off for the 2nd time, as I was extremely hungry, thirsty and tired, I heard somebody call my name, and quickly woke up and open my main wooden door, I saw THEM, Ann, Dick, Au yeong. They were holding their phones, having a worried look, BIG HUGES EYES looking at me, what happen to you???!! the whole world looking for you...

Honestly I nearly cried, I feel so touched, however the main gate is still locked.. They helped me collect laundry, so that I have clothes to wear on, bought me water and bread...

They helped me to phoned back to my family and friends, telling them I'm fine and alright.
I already tried any possibility to unlock the door, any ways to get myself back inside the room but fail.

Sorry parents, brothers, sisters, family, cousins, relatives,buddies, friends, classmates, sorry for making everyone to be so worry.
Listing down one by one to thank and say sorry are just not enough. I really appreciate my friendship with you guys. After today, I know who are my true friends. Thank you very much. Appreciate it very much.

Father And Mother I Love You = F.A.M.I.L.Y I know you all been worrying me all these while. Sister cried for me some more. Sorry for making you cry. =(

Last but not least, this was how I looked like when they "FOUND" me!!

LOST and FOUND~ Here I am

Any grammar mistakes or typo. I',m Sorry. I've been saying sorry for like a millions times for today? Think so. I'm safe and sound. Thank you all for your concern.

and I am not in a good mood of replying message or comments, as I'm flooding questions, and busy answering calls and replying text messages for what had happened to me today, very SORRY once again.

I'm still the cheerful, lame, stupid STANLEY LEONG

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eva lee said...

why u dun direct or ask ur housemate or landlord direct contact the 五金老板 or the person do unlock key one?

pity case~ nxt time nid hiding ur key outside the room~somewhere no ppl touch one. keke